About us


Some Features that Made us Unique

  • Decades of Experience.
  • Local vs. National Ownership
  • Leading Edge Online Business Tools
  • One-to-One Customer Service
  • No-Risk Unparalleled Guarantee
  • Extensive Quality Control Checks

Clients can focus on their core business and let Customer Driven Staffing handle the administrative tasks of hiring, recruiting and employing personnel.
Working with our company across all divisions offers numerous advantages that set us apart from our competition including:

  • Decades of Experience – In an age where staffing services open and close in the blink of an eye, we’ve enjoyed solid growth since 1993, insuring our clients do business with true experts in the staffing field.
  • Local vs. National Ownership – Our clients have the ability to interact with our most senior executives without the need for wading through branch, region and headquarters hierarchies. Our senior management oversees all operations to ensure quality service.
  • Leading Edge Online Business Tools – Our commitment is to continuously develop proprietary software applications to make doing business with us easier than others.
  • One-to-One Customer Service – Despite our large size, our focus is on individualized service, and we are committed to provide you with personalized service that’s hard to find in today’s marketplace. Your needs will be handled by one client representative assigned specifically to you and your company. This ensures we have accurate and extensive knowledge of your needs. And through our online business tools and out of office hours customer service representatives, we’re available to do business with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Sophisticated Recruitment and Screening Tools – Individuals can apply and test online, significantly speeding the recruitment process. Our testing covers hundreds of skills and behavioral assessments, allowing us to precisely match candidates to their proper positions. Owing to the comprehensive nature of our testing, interviewing, and reference checking protocols, only one out of four applicants is asked to work with us.
  • Strong Retention Programs – It’s important that our employees are available to work with you, whenever you need them. So to attract and retain the best workers we offer a highly competitive pay structure,benefits package, including health care insurance, dental coverage.
  • Extensive Quality Control Checks – To ensure your satisfaction, we have a comprehensive system of quality control including: On-going performance checks, end of assignment ratings and periodic client surveys and site visits.
  • No-Risk Unparalleled Guarantee – We are so confident in the quality of our temporary and contract workers that if at any time during their assignment you are dissatisfied with their work, just let us know. There will be no charge for that day and we will set about finding a replacement. And with our permanent candidates, if within 60 days of hire a client is dissatisfied, we’ll replace that employee at no charge.


We have a strong track record of repeat business from our clients, while continuing to partner with them. We are proud to present the following testimonials: