Our team has over 100 years of combined experience staffing hotels, manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, and many other industrial facilities.

At CDS, we work exceptionally hard recruiting the best staff to suit your needs. All of our candidates are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

If you are in need of quality help, please contact us now. CDS would love to discuss your business needs and requirements. We will supply you with a team of people including a manager and a bilingual recruiter to satisfy all of your staffing needs.

Our client portal: Giving you, our client, the freedom to interact with CDS as needed and providing you with personalized service.

Service options

Service options

  • We conduct various types of drug and alcohol screenings such as pre-employment, reasonable cause, random, post-accident, and even DOT when required.
  • Reference check all past employers.
  • Background check if needed.
  • All employees paid with a Pay Card or Direct Deposit.